Notice is hereby given that Nobles County Commissioners will meet for the purpose of approving for sale and classifying tax-forfeited lands, at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 in the Commissioner Room of the Nobles County Government Center, 315 10th Street, Worthington, MN  56187.

As described in Minnesota Statute § 282.01, parcels of land becoming the property of the state in trust under law declaring the forfeiture of lands to the state for taxes must be classified by the county board as conservation or non-conservation.

At the meeting, the county board will allow any person or agency possessing pertinent information to make or submit comments and recommendations about the pending classification for the parcels listed below. In addition, representatives of governmental entities in attendance will be allowed to describe plans, ideas, or projects that may involve use or acquisition of the property by that or another governmental entity. After allowing testimony, the board may classify, reclassify or delay taking action on any parcel or parcels.  Those unable to attend are invited to send written comments, prior to the hearing to:  Nobles County Board of Commissioners, PO Box 757, Worthington, MN  56187 or

Click here for Public Notice and full listing of parcels.

Click here to view MN Statute 282.01