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The County Recorder is the custodian of all records of the county pertaining to property titles and transfers. Records include various forms of deeds, real estate mortages, liens and attachments, contracts for deed and various other documents presented for recording purposes. The recording must be completed and the instrument returned to the proper person.

In Minnesota, the County Recorder is also the Registrar of the District Court and under the Court's control at all times. One or more attorneys in the county may be appointed by the judge of district court as Examiner of Titles and legal advisors of the Registrar.

The Recorder is responsible for filing all Birth and Death Certificates for people who are born and die in Nobles County. The Birth and Death records filed in this office date back to the 1870's.

The County Recorder is elected to a 4-year term.

Notary Commission Registration

To become a Notary Public in Minnesota you must apply to the Minnesota Secretary of State, Division of Enforcement Licensing. To contact:

The Minnesota Department of Commerce will issue a Notary Commission card. This card must be registered with your resident Minnesota County, in person.

When you register with the county, please bring the following:

  • Notary Commission card from The Minnesota Department of Commerce
  • $20 Fee

The same application can be used to change your name on your Notary Commission card. The new card would need to be registered with the same county in Minnesota in which you originally registered. The $20 fee is required each time you file.

Military Discharge

When an individual separates from military service, they receive a DD 214 (military separation form). Military service organizations strongly suggest recording the form to ensure easy availability of a certified copy of this document if the original were to become lost or destroyed. Upon recording of the discharge paper, the Recorder's office will furnish certified copies at no charge to the filer.

As a courtesy to military personnel, the Recorder's office does not charge for recording the DD 214 forms. If you have lost or misplaced your military separation form and need a certified copy, and you did not record your DD 214 form in our office, you need to contact your local Veteran's Service Officer. Our office only has records of DD 214 forms that have been submitted to us for recording by the veterans themselves.

Please note: Military Discharges have been recorded since 1919.

The Recorder’s Office accepts all major credit cards.

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Thelma Yager - Recorder

Nobles County Recorder

Thelma Yager

315 Tenth Street
PO Box 757
Worthington, MN 56187

(507) 295-5268 (p)
(507) 372-8235 (f)

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