Recycling Services Guide

Collection Methods

Rural Residents:

Place recyclables in your recycling container and deposit them at any drop-off site.

Cities & Municipalities

Place recyclables in your recycling container and deposit them at your curb. The green recycling container must be at the curb for pick-up service.

Recycling Containers

Green recycling containers can be picked up at Schaap Sanitation in Worthington.  There is a small fee for Schaaps to drop off the container at your residence.

Recycling Drop-off Sites

  • Nobles County Highway Shop, Adrian
  • Brewster City Shed, Brewster
  • Dundee City Shed, Dundee
  • Ellsworth City Shed, Ellsworth
  • Leota Christian School, Leota
  • Reading Community Center, Reading
  • Round Lake City Shed, Round Lake
  • City Water tower, Wilmont
  • Ace Hardware, Oxford Street, Worthington
  • Nobles County Recycling Center, Hwy. 60 South of Worthington

Recycling Guide

Note: the following guide has been provided to provide information on Recycling Services for residents living and/or working in Nobles County. The information on this page may change from time to time as we make changes to our Recycling Program. Please regard this page's information as up-to-date.

glass recycling

Glass Recycling

  • Green, Brown and Clear Glass
  • Empty, rinse and remove caps and rings
  • Labels do not need to be removed
  • Food and beverage containers only
  • No dishes, mirrors, window or broken glass, light bulbs
metals recycling

Metals Recycling

  • Aluminum Cans, Pie Tins, Trays and Tin Food Cans
  • Empty and rinse
  • Remove labels
  • Crushing cans is optional
  • No scrap metals
  • No aerosol cans, screw on lids, or paint cans
plastics recycling

Plastics Recycling

Recycle icon 1 through Recycle Icon 7

  • Check for appropriate symbols - Plastics #1 thru #7 can be recycled
  • Remove caps, empty and rinse
  • Oil containers: drain, leave caps on
  • Labels do not have to be removed
  • Examples:  pop bottles, milk bottles, detergent bottles, bleach bottles, butter, sour cream and dip containers
  • No hard plastics, toys or plastic bags
paper recycling

Paper Recycling

  • Newspaper, Office Paper, Cardboard, Books (hard covers must be removed), Magazines and Phone Books
  • Office paper: white, manila and pastel colored paper, computer paper, copy machine paper and envelopes
  • All unwaxed corrugated cardboard
  • Keep clean and dry
  • Break down cardboard boxes flat
  • Magazines
  • Phone books
  • Books: soft cover, hard covers must be removed
  • Cereal boxes, 12 pack beverage boxes, TV dinner boxes