Environmental Services

Environmental Services develops programs to protect and clean up the environment, protect ground water, and establish management of solid waste in Nobles County.

The department coordinates the overall administration of the Nobles County Comprehensive Plan through the County Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations in the unincorporated areas of the county. This office issues land use permits and provides inspections and permits for the on-site septic system program. It also enforces the Wetland Conservation Act and provides oversight of Ag and weed inspection issues. Zoning staff work with all conditional use permit applications, variance applications, and other related zoning issues. The department also has oversight of feedlot applications and enforcement of the State Feedlot Rules. It implements the County's Comprehensive Water Plan and provides water testing for private wells.

Through contracts with local recyclers, Environmental Services offers its citizens a comprehensive recycling program though curbside and drop-box collection services throughout the county. Special programs are offered and various times for the collection of household hazardous waste, fluorescent bulbs, plastic pesticide containers and agricultural waste pesticides.

The department works with the county planning commission which makes recommendations to the County Board of Commissioners in regard to conditional use permits, subdivision plats, Zoning Ordinance amendments and other issues as needed. Staff works with the Board of Adjustment in regard to variance applications and the Environmental Services Advisory Committee to make environmental recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.

It is our goal to continue to enhance our environment by safeguarding our natural resources.

Nobles County Environmental Services

Nobles County Environmental Services

(507) 295-5322 (p)
(507) 372-8348 (f)

Mark Koster
Environmental Services Manager

Contact Mark for all your needs concerning:

  • Solid Waste/Recycling
  • On-Site Sewage - Private Septic Systems
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Water Quality

Kathy Henderschiedt
Planning and Zoning Administrator


Contact Kathy for all your needs concerning:

  • Planning and Zoning
  • Lot Splits
  • Feedlot Ordinance and Management
  • On-Site Sewage - Private Septic Systems

Emily Erickson
Environmental Specialist

Contact Emily for all your needs concerning:

  • Feedlot Ordinance and Management
  • Agriculture Inspector Weed Complaints
  • Seed Inspector