Drainage System


Nobles County has 38 County and Judicial Ditch Systems.  These systems are made up of county drainage tile and drainage ditches.  Nobles County has approximately 400 miles of county tile and 47 miles of open ditches.  Drainage Systems were created in the early 1900’s in order to provide adequate drainage for agricultural lands.

All repairs are done by Nobles County.  If you have a repair request or concern, please contact the Nobles County Drainage Coordinator.

Upcoming Ditch Hearings:

None are posted at this time.

Ditch hearings are held in person and a virtual link may be provided.  If a virtual link is available all hearings will proceed as planned regardless of technical difficulties at our end or yours.

Nobles County, County Ditch 12 Continuation of Final Redetermination Hearing was approved Tuesday January 24, 2023.  The 30 day appeal period for the redetermination of County Ditch 12 started January 25, 2023.

ISG Improvement Project Update Page Link Here

Complete Nobles County Tile & Open Ditch Map

Zachary Reker
Drainage System Coordinator

960 Diagonal Road
PO Box 187
Worthington, MN 56187
(507) 295-5322