Services & Responsibilities

Nobles County Finance is responsible for developing, formulating and implementing fiscal and accounting policies and procedures for the County to ensure compliance with all laws, rules and guidelines and to ensure accounting procedures and records conform with generally acceptable accounting principles and practices. Specific services and responsibilities as follows:

  • Establish and monitor internal controls to ensure accuracy and comparability of County financial records.
  • Coordinate the annual audit of the County’s financial statements.
  • Coordinate the County’s annual budget process.
  • Provide assistance to other Departments regarding financial, budget, and statistical questions and status reports.
  • Assist County Administrator with bond issuance, bond rating procedures, development and analysis of financial management information.
  • Provide financial analysis support in the decision making process.
  • Establish procedures to ensure the safeguard of County assets.

Nobles County Financial Dashboard

Through the Nobles County Financial Dashboard, users can view past year’s budgets and actuals as well as the current year’s budget information.

Users can choose which data to dig into to get further details or scale up to the big picture. Data can be filtered by Fund, Department, Program, Revenue Type, and Expense Type. Users can also download the data as an Excel spreadsheet to use at home or link to social media.

ACH Payments Now Available:

Please contact the Finance Department at: for more information

Nobles County Finance

Amy Dykstra
Finance Director

315 Tenth St.
PO Box 757
Worthington, MN 56187
Phone: 507-295-5135