Emergency Management

Services & Responsibilities

The Nobles County Emergency Manager administers a county-wide emergency management program in those areas of the county that do not have a local emergency management organization. In addition, the department coordinates the activities of those local jurisdictions that do have emergency management organizations.

Specific Duties include the following:

  • Coordinates emergency management functions of county governmental units assigned emergency management responsibilities
  • Coordinates response to actual disasters/emergencies, the logistics of federal field and survey teams, mitigation request and disaster assistance centers
  • Coordinates meetings of the Nobles County Emergency Management Planning Advisory Commission (EMPAC)
  • Works with the EMPAC to develop and maintain the Nobles County Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) and test this plan through exercises
  • Maintains an inventory and utilization record of county equipment secured through emergency management sources
  • Maintains liaison with county and state regional offices
  • Prepares informational materials for dissemination to the public
  • Meets with interested groups to explain the emergency management program and to enlist their support and cooperation

Tawn Hall
Emergency Manager / Deputy County Administrator

315 Tenth St.
PO Box 757
Worthington, MN 56187

(507) 295-5212 (p)
(507) 372-8363 (f)