Juvenile Services

The practice of diverting juvenile offenders from court proceedings has been in existence in our area since 1976. Under the diversion program, first time offenders who are charged with less serious offenses are referred to our agency by the County Attorney’s Office. They screen all incoming police reports and refer juveniles who they feel would be most appropriate for the diversion program. If the case is to be handled by our agency, a meeting is scheduled to be conducted by a juvenile agent with the child and his/her parents and/or guardians. If conditions are not followed or if a new violation of law occurs, the original matter is referred to the County Attorney for petitioning. If all conditions are met, the matter is dismissed and there is no official juvenile court record.

To ensure effective case planning Rock Nobles Community Corrections utilizes a multitude of screening tools. Some of these tools may include: POSIT (Problem Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers), YLS (Youth Level of Service) and the Adolescent SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory). Clients who need further assessments are referred to the appropriate agencies.

Field Services

Juvenile Agent: Erin Top