Rock and Nobles Counties, by a Joint Powers Resolution, declared to jointly provide local comprehensive correctional programs under the Community Corrections Act of 1973. The two counties share personnel, facilities and financial resources in the development of the Community Corrections System. The philosophy of community corrections works to keep more offenders in the community and involves various community members and community groups and volunteers. Emphasis is placed on delivering rehabilitative and restorative programming with the intention of assisting offenders to increase competencies while reducing their risk to re-offend. In addition services are offered to victims so that they are restored for their loss and/or gain emotional healing.

Mission:  “In cooperation with the community, improving lives through public safety, victim restoration and offender change.”

Vision:  “Probation Works in Southwestern Minnesota!”

Philosophy:  “Assist in the rehabilitation of the offender to be a productive citizen by utilizing probation services, to diminish the belief of revenge and severe punishment and to recognize that reintegration of offenders back into society is better than imprisonment.”

Values:  This Statement of Values was developed by our staff to clearly articulate the principles that guide our behavior and the vision that will shape or future.

Statement of Values:

*Staff as our greatest asset
We are committed to the personal and professional development of our staff, and actively seek staff involvement and a shared sense of commitment and service to all levels.

*Professionalism and quality of service
As correctional professionals, we demonstrate our commitment through competency, accountability, ethics, and pride in work.

*A safe, healthy work environment
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff and offenders.

*Respect for individuals
We recognize the diversity of individuals and their contributions, and we strive to treat all people – offenders, staff and public – with dignity and understanding.

*Clear, open, honest communication
We encourage communication that promotes unity, productivity, and understanding.

*People’s ability to grow and change
We acknowledge that people – offenders and staff – have the need and ability to grow and change and we support their endeavors.

*Community interaction
We encourage positive interaction with the community as we strive to promote public safety, victim restoration, and public understanding.

Services Provided:

  • Supervision of adult and juvenile offenders referred by the Court. *Diversion of appropriate low-risk offenders.
  • Assistance to crime victims.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of Court orders.
  • Investigative services that deliver relevant, accurate and timely information to the courts and the total criminal justice system.
  • Services that provide opportunities for offenders to change.
  • Community service work programs.

Other Contacts

Nobles County Community Services Agency: 507-295-5213
Sanford Clinic Luverne: 507-449-1246
Shanell Schneider – DOC Sex Offender Agent: 507-822-1461

After Hours/Nobles County: 507-372-8430
After Hours/Rock County: 507-283-5000




Jon Ramlo

Nobles County Office
1530 Airport Road
PO Box 547
Worthington, MN 5618
(507) 295-5310
(507) 372-8393 (fax)

Rock County Office
1000 N Bluemound Ave
PO Box 762
Luverne, MN 56156
(507) 283-5077
(507) 283-5003 (fax)

Krysta Anderson
Corrections Agent - Nobles County 

Andrew Blank
Community Service Work Supervisor – Nobles & Rock County
Phone: (605) 759-0869

Linda Bosch
Assistant Corrections Agent – Rock County

Devin Dreesen
Adult Sex Offender Agent - Nobles & Rock County

Kat Edens
Corrections Agent – Nobles & Rock County

Michelle Lowe
Corrections Agent-Nobles & Rock County

Emily Martin
Corrections Agent - Nobles County

Jon Ramlo

Shannon Thier
Secretary II – Nobles County

Erin Top
Corrections Agent – Nobles & Rock County

Tanner Ver Steeg
Corrections Agent - Nobles County

Tony Vetsch
Assistant Corrections Agent & Drug Court Agent - Nobles County

Christopher Zix
Corrections Agent – Rock County