Program Overview

Schools are required to make efforts to resolve students’ attendance issues with the family. If problems continue, the school can submit a referral to Nobles County Community Services when a student accumulates at least three but no more than six unexcused absences.  Intervention services are designed to address attendance issues prior to a child protection referral, giving the family an opportunity to make necessary changes to correct the problem.

The school will set up a meeting with the parents and social worker to establish a plan in which the parents agree to address issues impacting their child’s school attendance, and to ensure their child’s regular attendance for the remainder of the school year.

Seven unexcused absences fall under the state guidelines for educational neglect and a child protection referral is made.

Potential consequences for truant children include but are not limited to:

  • Probation
  • House arrest and cannot leave the residence unless to go to school or with a parent
  • Community service hours
  • Loss of driving privileges until the age of 18
  • Court ordered completion of evaluations, treatment, or counseling for the parent and the child
  • Removal of child from the home
  • Parents may be required to compel their child’s attendance.