Child Care Licensing

Nobles County follows the guidelines of Minnesota Rule pt. 9502.3335 and pt. 9502.0365 when considering requests for variances from the licensed child-care guidelines.  Please note that variances cannot be granted retro-actively – do not enroll a child before you have received an approval.  Below you will find links to the Nobles County Variance Guidelines, the Variance Request fillable form, a fillable weekly attendance schedule, and a fillable notice for variance request for parents.  Thank you

Nobles County Variance Guidelines

Variance Request Family Child Care

Family Child Care Weekly Attendance Schedule

Variance Request Notice for Parents

Licensed Family Child Care

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245A (Human Services Licensing Act)

Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245C (Human Services Background Studies Act)

Minnesota Rules, parts 9502.0300 to 9502.0445 (Rule 2)


For more information on Child Care Licensing, please click on the following link.