In situations where the biological parents’ rights have been terminated due to abuse or neglect, the county agency works to find a permanent home for the children. The process happens in county social service agencies throughout the state of Minnesota; and at any one time, there may be several hundred children waiting for homes across the state.

The Kids

Children in need of a permanent home can be of any age. Many have physical and/or emotional disabilities, including special needs, because of the abuse that has occurred in their life. Sometimes there are brothers and sisters that hope to stay together. Race/ethnicity may vary as well.

Adoption Process

The Nobles County Adoption process often starts with families becoming licensed for foster care who also want to be considered as a concurrent home for possible adoption.

Before parental rights are terminated, concerted effort is made to try and rectify the situation that led to the removal of the child or children and placement in a foster care situation. A family needs to be willing to provide foster care, knowing that the situation may or may not lead to the adoption of the child.


If interested in adoption, you will need to go through the same licensing process as one does to become a foster parent. Please check our child foster care web page for more details.

Kinship Care

Whenever a child is placed into care, the agency is obligated to consider relatives who are able and willing to provide care for the child, on either a temporary or permanent basis. A placement for a child begins as a temporary situation, while the agency works with parents to try to rectify the situation that led to abuse or neglect. If reunification is unsuccessful, a permanent home for the child will then be found.

All children who are placed must be in licensed homes, so if a relative agrees to be a placement resource, they will be expected to comply with the licensing process.