Property Taxes

Pay your Property Taxes using the following 5 Methods

  • By Mail - Make your checks payable to Nobles County Auditor-Treasurer. Please remember to include the payment stub from the property tax statement with your payment, especially when you are paying the taxes on multiple parcels and mail to:       

Joyce Jacobs
Nobles County Auditor-Treasurer
PO Box 757
Worthington, MN 56187

  • Direct Payment Plan - With this convenient, hassle-free program, your property tax payment is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Send the completed Property Tax Direct Pay Plan form directly to the Auditor-Treasurer Office. If the due date falls on a weekend, your payment will be processed the next business day. Authorization will remain in effect until you notify the Auditor-Treasurer Office that you wish to Cancel Direct Payment. If you switch bank accounts or wish to add or delete parcels, you must contact the Auditor-Treasurer office at (507) 295-5258.
  • Online by Credit, Debit Card or E-Check - You can stop by our office or pay online with a credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover), debit card (Visa & Mastercard only) or E-Check. Convenience fees will be charged. Click Here to Pay Online Property Tax
  • In Person - Property taxes can be paid at the following location:

Nobles County Government Center
315 10th Street
Worthington, MN 56187

  • Drop Box - A property tax payment drop box is located just outside the Main Entrance on the 10th street side only of the Nobles County Government Center. This drop box is accessible 24 hours a day and the contents are emptied multiple times during regular business hours.
  • Escrowed - Your taxes may be included in your mortgage payment. If your statement indicates that you are escrowed, your tax amount has been forwarded to the escrow agent for collection. Please keep a copy of the tax statement for your reference. For more information, please contact your financial institution.

*Your payment must be postmarked on or before the due date or penalties will apply. *

If your tax payment is past due, please contact the Auditor-Treasurer office at (507) 295-5258 to determine the amount of penalty you must include with your payment.

Property Taxes

  • Filing of All Legal Plats, Deeds, and Mortgages.
  • Maintain Records of All Property Owners.
  • Certification of Tax Levies for Taxing Districts.
  • Calculate Tax Capacity Rates, Credits and Net Property Taxes.
  • Special Assessment Collections.
  • Wind Energy, Transmission and Distribution Line Taxes.
  • Maintain Ditch Fund Assessments.
  • Tax Increment Financing.
  • Tax Collection of Current and Delinquent.
  • Mobile Home Transfers.
  • Distribution of Taxes to Taxing Districts (townships, cities, schools, etc.)
  • Tax Forfeiture Proceedings.
  • Member of County Board of Equalization
  • 14 Reasons Property Taxes Can Go Up or Down *Courtesy of Ramsey County

2024 Tax Payment Dates

May 15, 2024 - All Taxes (1st Half)

September 3rd, 2024 - Mobile Home Taxes (1st Half)

October 15, 2024 - City Taxes (2nd Half if applicable)

November 15, 2024 - Farm Taxes and Mobile Home Taxes (2nd Half if applicable)


  • Postmark determines mail payment date. Laws 1996, Chapter 471, Article 3, Section 22, enacted as M.S. 276.017 provide that a United States Postal Service Postmark Qualifies as Proof of Timely Mailing; However, Postmark of a Private Postage Meter Machine does not qualify as proof of timely mailing.
  • Taxpayers are responsible for the payment of tax, and this is not affected by the failure to provide a statement for a parcel.
  • We are prohibited from accepting post-dated checks. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars by Money Order or Draft from a U.S. Bank or Branch. Draft must have bank’s coded transit number along bottom edge.
  • We do not mail second half statements.