Election Judge Training


Below, you will find the training videos from 2020 that were used when we could not have in-person trainings. All Training for 2022 will be done in person, but the videos below can serve as a review along with the current 2022 Election Guide Below.

2022 Election Judge Guide

(A printed copy of this guide will be in the supply tote at your polling site.  If you want a printed copy, call your city/township clerk to request a copy.)


State of MN Election Judge Training Videos – These videos are from 2014 but they are very good information and even though we now use electronic poll pads instead of paper rosters, and our machines may look a little different, the processes are very similar so the information they provide will be helpful!

 ***Our Ballot Counter looks a little different, but the process is the same!


Poll Pad Electronic Rosters – Courtesy of Blue Earth County!!

Health Care Facility (HCF) Election Judge Training – Courtesy of Blue Earth County!!

2022 Election Equipment Training – Courtesy of Blue Earth County!!

***We use the the same equipment as Blue Earth County except the DS450***

2022 Nobles County Election Equipment Slides

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