Chief County Election Official

  • Officer authorized to accept affidavits of candidacy + monitors campaign finance reporting
  • Voter registration record keeping.
  • Prepare ballots for use in all elections in 40 county election precincts.
  • Secure and distribute to all precincts, supplies and equipment required.
  • Hold training sessions before each election for municipal and township clerks and election judges.\


Absentee Ballot Application

Return this application as soon as possible to:

Nobles County Auditor-Treasurer’s office

Drop off: 315 10th Street, Worthington, MN 56187, or

Mail: P.O. Box 757, Worthington, MN 56187, or

E-mail: (Please submit only 1 Minnesota Absentee Ballot Application per email), or

Fax: 507-372-8390

Questions please call: 507-295-5258