Our Mission

To administer justice and promote public safety through the fair, honest, efficient and ethical enforcement of criminal and civil laws

Our Vision

Seek Justice

Services & Responsibilities

The Nobles County Attorney is elected by Nobles County voters. The Nobles County Attorney’s Office provides service and has responsibilities prescribed by state statutes as follows:

  • Provides legal advice to the Nobles County Board of Commissioners and to other county officials.
  • Represents Nobles County in various civil matters such as contract negotiations and forfeitures.
  • Prosecutes felony level criminal cases occurring within the county, including personal crimes such as homicides, assaults, sex crimes, and robberies; property crimes such as burglaries, forgeries, damage to property, and thefts; drug crimes from possession and sale to manufacture; and serious driving offenses such as DWI with certain prior offenses and criminal vehicular operation.
  • Prosecutes various misdemeanor level offenses.
  • Advises any grand jury that might be convened.
  • Represents the Nobles County Family Services Agency in civil proceedings such as mental health and chemical dependency commitments, juvenile protection and termination of parental rights proceedings and child support cases.
B. Hoefert

Nobles County Attorney's Office

Braden Hoefert
Nobles County Attorney
Prairie Justice Center
1530 Airport Rd.
Suite 400
Worthington, MN 56187

(507) 295-5298 (p)
(507) 372-8439 (f)

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