Field Services

Pre-Trial Supervision: At Rock Nobles Community Corrections we provide pre-trial supervision services, in order to monitor offenders release conditions, such as abstaining from possession or use of chemical substances and providing breath or urinalysis samples to verify compliance.

  • Pre-Trial Agents: Anthony Vetch, Jolene Ennenga, and Christopher Zix

Supervised Probation: Supervised probation requires regular contact from the adult to his/her probation agent. Supervised probation also has stricter guidelines, contact plan, and case plan that the individual must follow in order to be successful in the program.

  • Supervised Probation Agents: Emily Marten, Krysta Anderson and Christopher Zix

Group Supervision Program: Group supervision provides low and medium risk offenders with education and information that may improve and enhance their lives. This program puts more of the responsibility back on the offender and updates the court conditions more often. In addition to English speaking groups we have a Spanish speaking group to meet the demands of the increasing Hispanic population in Nobles County.

Unsupervised Probation: Unsupervised probation is used for first time or low risk adult offenders. The guidelines that the individual must follow are not as intensive as supervised probation (i.e. he/she does not need to make regular contact with the agency, submit to random testing), but does have to follow general rules and regulations which are required of probation.

  • Unsupervised Probation Agents: Anthony Vetch, Jolene Ennenga, and Christopher Zix

Diversion: As previously mentioned, diversion is used for first time offenders, which are low risk only. Diversion includes payment of a fine and no offenses within a given time period, otherwise the offense will receive a formal hearing.

  • Diversion Agent: Jolene Ennenga and Christopher Zix

Driver’s License Program: Driver’s license program is offered through Rock Nobles Community Corrections. This program is available to qualified participants, who have received either a driving after revocation or driving after suspension ticket, for the purpose of allowing drivers to reinstate their driving privileges enabling them to drive legally in Minnesota. If the client successfully completes this program the original ticket will then be dismissed.

  • Driver’s License Program Agent: Jolene Ennenga and Christopher Zix