Nobles County is currently using electronic appointments.

  • It is strongly recommended that you wear a mask to your appointment.

The following are now available:

License Center     Appointments are strongly encouraged and will be given priority.  Walk-ins will be assisted as time allows.  
Appointments are available for 14 days in advance of the date so new appointments are released each day for two weeks from today.
Assessor's Office

Recorder's Office & Recorder's Vault
(Unfortunately, we do not have an interpreter who can help you at this time. If you need an interpreter, please bring 
someone who can help you interpret.)(Desafortunadamente en este momento no tenemos un interprete quien le pueda ayudar. 
Si usted ocupa un interprete, por favor traiga a alguien quien le pueda ayudar a interpretar).

For Recorder's Vault - Masks are recommended and you may be asked basic COVID questions before entry.

Veteran's Services

Community Services

Absentee Voting