All Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

All Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Welcome to the project webpage for the Nobles County All Hazard Mitigation Plan (AHMP) Update.  We have posted a draft of the plan for your review.  Once reviewed, please email any comments, corrections or additions to  Once the 30 day review period has ended, the comments will be incorporated into the plan with the approval of the Nobles County Emergency Management Director and AHMP Planner.

What is hazard mitigation?  Hazard Mitigation is defined as any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to life and property from hazard events. It is an on-going process that occurs before, during, and after disasters and serves to break the cycle of damage and repair in hazardous areas.

Why do a Hazard Mitigation Plan?  Mitigation plans form the foundation for effective hazard mitigation. A mitigation plan is a demonstration of the commitment to reduce risks from natural hazards and serves as a strategic guide for decision-makers as they commit resources. The planning process is as important as the plan itself.

The review process will be for a period of 30 days beginning January 5th, 2018.   Please email all comments, corrections or additions to


2018 Nobles County Hazard Mitigation Plan – Draft