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   Nobles County Sheriff's Mission

The mission of the Nobles County Sheriff's Office is to provide a responsive patrol support and an effective investigative division to assist the Nobles County Law Enforcement Community with the Investigation of serious crimes and incidents.

Nobles County Sheriff's Office

Kent Wilkening

1530 Airport Road
Suite 100
Worthington, MN 56187

(507) 295-5400 (phone) 
(507) 372-5977 (fax)

(507) 372-8430 (Dispatch)

Chris Dybevick, Chief Deputy

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Nobles County Sheriff’s Deputies and staff are committed to making Nobles County a safe place for you and your family to live and work. If any of us can ever be of assistance to you or your family, please feel free to contact us at (507) 295-5400.

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Nobles County Sheriff's Office Personnel   


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Kent Wilkening
Chief Deputy (53-1)
</a><strong>Chief Deputy (53-1)</strong>
Chris Dybevick
Sergeant (53-2)
</a><strong>Sergeant (53-2)</strong>
Jay Clarke
Deputy (53-3)
</a><strong>Deputy (53-3)</strong>
Kristi Liepold
K-9 Deputy (53-4)
</a><strong>K-9 Deputy (53-4)</strong>
Dustin Roemeling
Detective (53-5)
</a><strong>Detective (53-5)</strong>
Lonnie Roloff
Deputy (53-6)
</a><strong>Deputy (53-6)</strong>
Melissa Einck
Narcotics (53-7)
</a><strong>Narcotics (53-7)</strong>
Ryan Kruger
Deputy (53-8)
</a><strong>Deputy (53-8)</strong>
Michael Schei
Deputy (53-9)
</a><strong>Deputy (53-9)</strong>
Chad Kempema
Deputy (53-10)
</a><strong>Deputy (53-10)</strong>
Markus Murphy
Deputy (53-11)
</a><strong>Deputy (53-11)</strong>
Robert Munkel
Part-Time Deputy (53-12)
</a><strong>Part-Time Deputy (53-12)</strong>
Alex Tokar
Part-Time Deputy(53-13)
</a><strong>Part-Time Deputy(53-13)</strong>
Kenny Willers
Part-Time Deputy (53-14)
</a><strong>Part-Time Deputy (53-14)</strong>
Scott Simpson
Part-Time Deputy (53-15)
</a><strong>Part-Time Deputy (53-15)</strong>
Colby Palmersheim
Part-Time Deputy(53-16)
</a><strong>Part-Time Deputy(53-16)</strong>
Part-Time Deputy (53-17)
</a><strong>Part-Time Deputy (53-17)</strong>
Lee Meinders