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Nobles County Parks Department Staff

Jake Smith
Parks Department Supervisor

Parks Office: (507) 468-2224

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Nobles County Public Works Office

Stephen P. Schnieder

960 Diagonal Road
PO Box 187
Worthington, MN 56187

(507) 295-5322 (p)
(507) 372-8348 (f)

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Parks Department

Services & Responsibilities

The Nobles County Park system provides a variety of recreational experiences for public enjoyment. The eight parks within the system are located throughout the county. Each park proides a unique atmosphere for the visitor.

The Parks Department provides an appropriate level of maintenance service for each park's intended use. It also is responsible for the management of the park resources, collection of permit and camping fees, reserving camping facilities and enforcement of park rules.

Parks in Nobles County

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Fury Island and Maka-Oicu County Parks are located on East and West Graham Lakes.

Maka-Oicu County Park

Map of Maka-Oicu County Park

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Maka-Oicu County Park provides for camping, lake access, natural areas, swimming beach, picnic areas, historic site and general park activities. The park has onsite showers, a large picnic shelter for reunions and gatherings. Maka-Oicu Park also has a one room cabin with four padded bunks, a table inside and a small refrigerator. Campers have access to electricity and a water supply. Maka-Oicu Park consists of 46 acres of developed* land.

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Fury's Island County Park

Map of Fury's Island County Park

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Fury's Island County Park provides for camping, natural areas, lake access, showers, a large picnic shelter for gatherings, reunions, and it has a playground for the little ones. Fury's Island Park is one mile south of Maka-Oicu County Park and consists of 10 acres of developed* land.

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Hawkeye County Park

Map of Hawkeye County Park

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Hawkeye County Park is located on Indian Lake. It provides for lake access and a natural habitat setting. Hawkeye County Park consists of 5.4 developed* acres and 35.7 undeveloped acres.

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Midway County Park

Map of Midway County Park

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Midway County Park is located on an old gravel pit and provides for a natural habitat setting. The park consists of 45 undeveloped acres.

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Pickeral and Sportsman County Parks are roadside parks located on Ocheda Lake. They provide for a natural habitat and lake access for fishing.

Sportsman County Park

Map of Sportsman County Park

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Sportsman County Park provides for lake access, and consists of 1 developed* acre and 6 undeveloped acres.

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Pickeral County Park

Map of Pickeral County Park

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Pickerel County Park consists of 4 developed* acres.

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Sunrise Prairie County Park

Map of Sunrise Prairie County Park

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Sunrise Prairie County Park is an historic pioneer cemetery and an original prairie grass area. The park consists of 22 undeveloped acres.

* Developed acres are those that HAVE NOT been left in a totally natural state. They include acreage where the grass is cut regularly.

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